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Other Projects

Creation of value for your company through additional development projects. This service can be outsourced, or it can be provided in-house (specific hour/s or day/s per week) according to your requirements.

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Other projects solutions I offer:

I offer a full business development solution package for your startup or SME. That includes everything regarding Marketing, Management, Sales, Communication, Advertising, and Social Media. In addition, I offer solutions that cover the Architectural Needs of your business (which is an important part of communication). Through my experience, I have seen many Startups and SME’s that they miss integrating that part in their marketing strategy. As a result, a complete and unified corporate identity is not established. That is why I also provide the following solutions, through collaboration with a very experienced Architect Engineer, Stella Kordista

  • Architectural studies – projects (outsourced or in-house)
  • Architecture studies: buildings, offices, retail shops (outsourced or in-house)
  • Interior design (outsourced or in-house)
  • Design of exhibition pavilions (outsourced or in-house)

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