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How exactly www.ibbds.com works?


It is a website and blog that offers Business Development Solutions targeted to Start-Ups and SME’s. There are two ways that it works. In the first way, there are free posts/articles, infographics, inspirational quotes,  funny business quotes and other posts, (all by ibbds), that you can find, read, comment and share. In the second way, it is a business website that you can communicate with me, and if you want, you can hire my professional solutions/services for your business. For further information visit my How It Works Page.

What are the business development solutions you offer?


Every business needs business development. However, this can be split into many areas. Some businesses need better marketing, some better sales, some better management and so on. As a result, in order to be more specific, I offer the following business development solutions:

Marketing, Management, Sales, Communication, Advertising, Consulting, Coaching, Start-Ups, SME’s, Seminars, Training, Social Media and Other Projects.

I can help a Start-Up or an SME in all the business development areas, but also in any specific area in need. That is why every post/article of ibbds belongs to a sector of the above-mentioned solutions. The same goes also for the professional solutions/services I offer; the client chooses according to his/her needs.

What are your credentials?


You can find in detail, testimonials about me, the clients I have worked with, my bio, my CV and an appendix of my CV (where you can find further details of my professional history, my portfolio, my education, my achievements, my recommendation letters, publications regarding me, etc) on the Credentials Page (Menu).

What type of freelancing do you do?


My services are based on what your needs are. You can find specific information on my Solutions Page (Menu) in which I mention what freelancing solutions/services I do. If you have any further questions, please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why should I choose ibbds?


If you are seeking effective business development solutions for sustainable growth you are in the right place! If you want further reasons, please look the Why ibbds? Page.

How much do you charge?


I quote every client based on an individual basis. Every business has particular needs and I always quote based on that factor. It is my philosophy to deliver the best quality of service at the most attractive and affordable possible cost. I always create win-win situations and this is also something that my clients respect and value.

How can I reach you?


You can communicate with me by clicking Here!

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