My guiding principles of working

Cooperating based on important values

It is essential for me to operate based on a specific frame of values that describe the overall philosophy of doing business and relationships. Therefore, I present to you these values:

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It is extremely important for any professional or business to offer effective solutions. Every solution must be effective in order to bring positive results. Effectiveness is a core value because it creates happy customers and personal satisfaction for helping other businesses to grow.


There is nothing more interesting to me than to be creative in my work. The more creative you are, the more unique results you will deliver. Creativity is the heart of differentiation and this makes businesses distinctive.


Innovation drives any businesses forward. It creates strong USP’s and it usually separates leaders from followers. That is why I propose always innovative solutions that are also realizable and effective.


I strongly believe in quality. It is always the best and safest strategy to follow. Businesses that have quality in people, operations, services, and products, stay in the market longer and contribute to society more.


Integrity is significant for me. Every solution I offer has to be based on moral principles. Every business should be honest and ethical towards any stakeholder (clients/customers, suppliers, employees, local community, etc). and this is good for doing business, but also for the society.


It is impossible today to operate a business without being flexible. Everything changes very quickly so you need to adapt and to find the best solution to any challenge. Without flexibility, you can not survive in the market for a long period.


Reliability is essential. Every business development solution should deliver sustainable growth. My clients trust me because they know that I perform consistently well. This is how I build also my professional reputation.

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