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• Free consultation for one hour

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 It is the hour to ask freely all these questions that you have in your mind regarding your business development.



It is indeed free without any obligation. 

You gain Knowledge, and I increase brand awareness. It is a win-win situation!

See for yourself how much help you can get during this time.


I will communicate with you, as soon as possible, to arrange a convenient date and time.


* I want to be fair to all, that is why the date and time will be determined strictly on priority, demand, and my time capacity.

If you need to start your business…
If you need to grow your business…
If you need to optimize your business…
If you need to transform your business…
If you need a check-up for your business…
If you need support



If you want to do it but you do not know how
If you want to do it with guidance
If you want to do it avoiding costly mistakes
If you want to do it without sacrificing valuable time
If you want to do it working with an expert you can trust
If you want to do it achieving sustainable development
If you want to do it successfully… 

Let me help you!

My mission

Offering effective business development solutions to Startups and SME’s

Iordanis Boutsioulis, B.S., M.B.A.

Founder at ibbds, Business Developer, Marketing Strategist & Consultant

SEO Certification

Digital Marketing Certification

Email Marketing Certification

Inbound Marketing Certification

Content Marketing Certification

Social Marketing Certification Badge by Hootsuite Academy

Social Marketing Certification


An innovative Business Developer, Marketing Strategist & Consultant, I have created “ibbds iordanis boutsioulis business development solutions,” with a mission to offer effective business development solutions (marketing, branding, management, sales, advertising, communication, social media) to Start-Ups and SME’s.

I have led and managed the marketing department of Growth By Design Ltd. (digital marketing agency). Additionally, I have consulted and managed all aspects of business development for a leading company in designing, planning, and constructing Loft Conversions and Extensions in London, A1 Project Management Services Ltd.

Furthermore, I have created and developed two highly successful and profitable advertising/consulting companies from the ground-up, planned and successfully delivered over 950 projects for clients in diverse industries, and cultivated loyal customer and referral bases with organizations operating throughout the country and the world.

Conducting in-depth assessments of new markets, client needs, and short- and long-term objectives, I am an expert at determining the optimal approach to maximize competitive positioning and overall profitability while establishing a robust brand identity and widespread awareness to ensure future success.

Skilled in managing all aspects of business development from online/digital and offline marketing, social media and advertising, lead generation, capturing and nurturing, to client acquisition, retention and expansion, account and project management, production and P&L, I bridge communication gaps to unite people on all levels on a common mission and goals, while assuring objectives are not only met, they are surpassed.

I hold a degree of Master of Business Administration with Distinction from The American College of Greece, June 2010, with concentration in Marketing, and also a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The American College of Greece, June 1998, with major in Marketing.

I am also:

– SEO Certified by HubSpot Academy – SEO Certification by HubSpot Academy, 

   Certified: Apr 14, 2022 – Valid until: May 14, 2023

– Digital Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy – Digital Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy, 

   Certified: Apr 6, 2022 – Valid until: May 6, 2023

– Email Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy – Email Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy, 

   Certified: Jan 27, 2021 – Valid until: Feb 26, 2023

 – Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy – Inbound Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy, 

   Certified: Jan 5, 2021 – Valid until: Feb 4, 2023

 – Content Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy – Content Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy, 

   Certified: Nov 18, 2020 – Valid until: Dec 18, 2022

 – Social Marketing Certified Professional by Hootsuite Academy – Social Marketing Certification by Hootsuite Academy, April 2018

In my free time, I love to play, improvise, compose and produce music and music videos (piano, keyboards, instrumental). Recently, I have finished my 4th record and my 1st music movie (machinima), called “Virtual Reality” which I have written, directed, produced, edited, and also composed the music (18 videos-parts-tracks).

You can find it here:

My artistic name is BIordanis. Visit my music website if you like to listen to my music and see my videos.


Virtual Reality by BIordanis, Music Compositions & Improvisations

Music Compositions & Improvisations Vol. 3 in Piano by BIordanis

Music Compositions & Improvisations Vol. 2 by BIordanis

Music Compositions & Improvisations Vol. 1 by BIordanis

Why working with me?

  • Delivery of sustainable growth to your business
  • Love and passion for business development
  • Specialized in Startups and SME’s
  • High level of knowledge and expertise
  • International experience
  • Remarkable standard of offered solutions/services
  • Possibility of complete, segmented or tailored business development solution
  • Ability to work together, remotely or in-house (London, Greater London Area, West Sussex & Surrey – United Kingdom)
  • Personal & friendly contact along with professionalism
  • Appropriate & effective solutions
  • Excellent relationship between value you get and pricing
  • Commitment and trust
  • Values of operation (Effectiveness, Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Flexibility, Reliability)
  • Formulation of long-term relationships
  • Creation of augmented value
  • The most important: You can find all of the above in one place: Here!

My Values

Let’s work together!








Clients I have worked with

What they say about me

Iordanis is a highly motivated, creative, positive and driven individual. He is passionate about everything he does and gives 110% to every company he works with. He works very well both on his own initiative and as part of a team, and always finds time for his colleagues and customers. Iordanis always stays focused on the success of the business he is working with and ensures the effective internal and external communications of all relevant information. He would be an extremely positive and motivated addition to any company.
Natalie Liddle, BA (Hons)

Marketing Manager , A1 Project Management Services Ltd

Very knowledgeable, in all aspects of management and sales and marketing. Would highly recommend him as hard working, reliable, honest, trustworthy and diligent person.

Mike Goodyer

Sales Director , A1 Project Management Services Ltd

Iordanis is an innovative, result driven, customer focused and extremely knowledgeable marketing professional. I had the privilege of working with Iordanis on many branding projects, including new product lines, for a long time. Iordanis was the Managing Director of ISBK and his company was providing advertising services to us. Iordanis always proposed very creative and effective solutions, providing simultaneously a fantastic client service.

Dr. Margarita Nikolaidou

Project Development & Marketing Manager, Adelco

Iordanis is a highly creative, trustworthy and hard working person that I have worked extensively in the past from my company. His determination to deliver the right results at the right time while being creative made him a precious business partner for a long time.

Vassilis K. Stakias, BSc., MSc.

Global Marketing Director, Patient Solutions Dermatology , LEO Pharma

I can see as main strength of Iordanis his determination and drive to achieve goals and tangible objectives, along with his knowledge gained throughout his education.

Dimitri G. Papaioannou, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Exelon Partners, LLC

Iordanis succeeded, in a very short period of time, with his hard work, experience, leadership, determination, innovation and strong personality, to be respected from his colleagues and me. Mr. Boutsioulis has a combination of knowledge, expertise and skills in Business Development, Marketing Management, Sales, Advertising, Account Management, General Management, Consulting and Entrepreneurial that very rarely can be found altogether in one person.

Steve Mills

CEO, A1 Project Management Services Ltd

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