The issue of time management is always important for every professional in the business field. Imagine how important the effective time management for an entrepreneur is. If you are running a business, you know more than anyone else that time is money. If you waste time, you are wasting opportunities that lead to wasted sales, so wasted money. As a result, it is not efficient to work like that.

However, it is also true that very few entrepreneurs are perfect in the use of their time. The majority of entrepreneurs needs to improve their skills in that sector.  Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur that feels that needs help in that sector too, by all means, take a look at the following 22 effective time management tips.

  1. Identify all the factors that make you waste your time. Remember them.
  2. Focus more on marketing and sales and not on the everyday operation of your business.
  3. Delegate responsibilities to your employees.
  4. Hire people with the right attitude and then train them to do the job.
  5. Avoid unnecessary meetings.
  6. When it is necessary to have a meeting, inform all the participants on time, create an agenda, assign responsibilities, set deadlines and check for results.
  7. Create a to-do list and try to finish the tasks according to the priority of importance every day. At the end of the day create a new to-do list for the next day. Plan your tasks for the next day and try to optimize your time.
  8. Avoid unnecessary talking (non-business related conversations).
  9. Avoid unnecessary travailing. Use Skype or similar apps.
  10. Plan, implement and control your strategy and tactics.
  11. Organize your emails, your meetings, and your overall communication.
  12. Use software such as Microsoft Outlook as a personal management information tool.
  13. Take note of the things that you do not want to forget. Allocate them in the to-do list according to priority.
  14. Try always to have a watch with you and to finish things at a predetermined time.
  15. Use a CRM system.
  16. Try to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.
  17. Try to allocate a specific hour every day for surfing in the internet and social media.
  18. Arrange specific “office hours” for your employees.
  19. Try to minimize dealing with your personal issues during the regular business working hours.
  20. Plan your breaks or personal time.
  21. Focus on the specific task you perform every time. Do not switch from one task to another.
  22. Devote the appropriate time to every task, trying to finish it without mistakes, than to do it quickly and then to go back again, another time, trying to correct it.

If you follow these tips, you will optimize the use of your working time, having, as a result, to increase your effectiveness, in other words, your performance and your profitability.

Written by ibbds

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